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All grown up

Last night, we had our first problem with Nathan getting up out of bed right after we'd laid him down and then he was up about eight times before he finally stayed there.

It was not a good night. I hate disciplining him right before bed. Bedtime is for hugs and songs and kisses, not sad things. But today for nap, he stayed in there, so I guess putting him back in there eight times yesterday made a difference! We've been doing a new thing too since he's been getting up earlier from his naps and I still need writing time - I've been having him do "quiet time" after his nap. I'll give him his milk and a huge stack of books and he just sits in his bed and reads. Today is the best it's gone so far. ;) Thank you, Lord!

Today we went with my friend Elisa and her sweet new baby to the zoo. Nathan had a blast. I'm pretty sure he thought he was cool stuff today:

He's very into pockets lately. ;) Doesn't he look like ten years old?? I think his new haircut suits his personality, but it just makes him look so old, I can hardly stand it.

He's picked up the word "only" lately. Not sure why - I don't think I say it too often, but everything is "ownwy Mommy's" or "ownwy Nennon's". We saw a patch of dirt today at the zoo and I told him not to go play in it since it was kind of muddy and he said, "Nennon no play there. Ownwy, ownwy, ownwy, ownwy, ownwy, ownwy the birds."


I usually let him watch a TV show once a day while I'm trying to take a shower or do stuff around the house. Lately his favorite has been Super Why. Today, I asked him if he wanted to watch it and he said, "Oh, I'm so texcited for Super Why!" Ha! ;) It's the little things, I guess!
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