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Muddy Buddies


I might die from an overdose of these things. Not only can they be made gluten and dairy free, but they are DELICIOUS and I have eaten more than I should have eaten in a two week period in the last 16 hours.

So sorry for the blog absence this week. I love busy weeks but at the same time, I feel like they fly by so fast and I don't get to enjoy any part of them.

On Wednesday, Jon came home, rang the doorbell and when Nathan opened the door, we found these two guys sitting there:

Nathan was SO EXCITED. He is going through a major dinosaur crush right now along with the cars. I won't see him for 30 minutes and he'll be sitting in the playroom, playing with his cars, totally and completely happy.

It is so cute.

We also have been saving up for a few months because my boy is quickly outgrowing his car seat and I feel like that's just one of those things that we can't not purchase. So, he got a new car seat this week that will hopefully be the last one we ever buy him because it turns into a booster seat. We had to try it out in the living room first, of course. ;)

Seriously? It was just last week that we were putting him in his "new car seat" and taking a few pictures to show what a big boy he was:

We spent Saturday playing around the house and we had a little picnic in the yard for lunch. Nathan could not get over that we were eating outside. He kept saying, "It's a party! This is a great party! I like our party!"

When we came back inside for nap, I asked him if he had fun on the picnic and he said, "Well, I call it a party." Ha! ;)

Mom and Dad graciously watched him for us on Saturday night and Jon and I had a little date night. It was so nice. We were needing some time to talk over some of the stuff going on right now without Nathan interrupting every few seconds. ;)

I'd say we have a fun week to look forward to again, but our week includes a dentist appointment for me which automatically negates any fun the rest of the week could hold. Hope you all have a good week though!
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