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Just another weekend in paradise

We had such a crazy weekend. (Yes, I feel like I write this sentence every Monday.) Jon and I decided that next weekend, we are going to just stay home and do nothing because we have a very busy week lined up this week as well.

My brother Bryant's birthday was on Saturday, so Jon went to go play football with him and a bunch of other guys, including Clint. Leigh Ann decided to go for a walk since the guys were gone all morning.

Nathan just can't stand Hayley Grace. ;)

Afterward, we went over to Gammy and Pops' house and Nathan spent his entire nap time throwing everything out of his bed and talking to himself. We finally just gave up on him going to sleep and I resigned myself to a child who had stopped napping, but he's napped fine yesterday and today. Thank you Lord!

Me and the birthday boy. I looked at this picture later and realized I need wrinkle cream and acne solution. Ah the joys of the late twenties and the result of a lifetime without sunglasses. I started wearing them the day I turned 25 when I noticed crows feet already sunk in my head.

"Nennon" and "Bynie". Nathan adores his uncle. :) With good reason - Bryant spends the majority of his weekend doing everything and anything Nathan wants to do.

The glow from the cake - there's comfort for me in knowing that I'm not the only sibling officially in my late twenties now. ;)

There was some confusion that only the birthday boy was going to be able to eat cake. Nathan MELTED DOWN. He kept saying, "No, it Nennon's birday!" and we said, "No, it's Bryant's birthday."

My distraught boy. He must get the emotional stuff from his daddy.

So sad. Again, the drama definitely comes from his daddy. ;)

(Anyone who knows me and Jon personally knows that one of my biggest complaints about my husband is that he is almost TOO level-headed. Sometimes, there is a DISASTER at the house and I want/need him to react with the emotions that I am experiencing as well.)

(On second thought, that might not be a good thing.)

We finally figured out that Nathan thought he wasn't getting cake, told him that it was Bryant's birthday, but he could still have cake and all was much happier. Goose. All of this was proof that the baby still needs a nap, I think. :)

 He conked out on the way home. He was so tired. He stayed asleep the whole time transferring from the car to the bed and when he laid him down, we needed him to sit up to adjust his pillow and he flopped forward, still dead asleep. Ha!

Sunday, Nathan got to swim with his good friend Evie. And they got to eat popscicles in the pool.

It was a good weekend. :)

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