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God is good

The surgery went well!  Her doctor was able to get the entire cyst out of the left ovary.  She said the ovary looks really good now.  The cyst on the right ovary had ruptured, but her doctor cleaned it up, as well as cleaning out the rest of the endometriosis.  There was a lot more endometriosis than her doctor had expected there would be, so the surgery was longer than anticipated. Her doctor was amazed that Erynn wasn't in a lot of pain after seeing her insides.  Apparently, Erynn has a much higher pain tolerance than we had originally thought! :)

Erynn is home now and resting comfortably.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers.  Continue to pray for Erynn as she heals and focuses on the future.

God is good.

Susan - aka -  Erynn's mom, Nathan's Bimi or Mimi or Gammy  :)
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