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I'm still working on this blog (I am so absolutely illiterate when it comes to HTML stuff), but we're getting there! I was needing a new look. Especially considering the last header had a picture almost a year old. ;) And my favorite, favorite, favoritest feature is I can now reply to your comments!! Yay!!

I had my post-op appointment yesterday and we got the all clear to move forward. My doctor did mention that my left tube was very scarred and may not be working properly, so we're praying for no complications in future pregnancies, God willing.

Yesterday we took Nathan to his first baseball game where we sat in the stands and he LOVED it. Our dear friends Clint and Leigh Ann gave us the tickets and we are so thankful!! We had a great time!

We were definitely the obnoxious fans in Section 120. ;) He paused like that for about 30 seconds going, "Ahhhhhh" before finally putting his cup in his mouth. Weirdo. ;) He hit a point about 7:45 where he just lost all measure of normalcy and became completely hysterical. I've never seen a kid who cracks himself up so much. Everything I said, Jon said or he said made him dissolve into giggles. Ha!

The Isotope's mascot is Orbit, who looks like this:


 I'm honestly not sure what he is. A dog maybe? Anyway, he's a fun mascot. Nathan spotted him from across the field when we got to our seats and yelled, "THERE'S POOH!!" We finally convinced him his name was Orbit, so he started yelling, "Come on, Ohbit! Hit the beeball, Ohbit! WHOA, HOME RUN, OHBIT!!"

He even got to give "Ohbit" a high five. ;)


We let him take his baseball glove to the game and at one point he looked at me and said, "Oh, it Nennon's turn to play beeball now." Can you tell he'd gone off the deep end by the time I took the above picture? ;)

He had a complete blast. We had a fantastic time too.

Jon starts his Masters degree program tonight. I'm so proud of him but I think we are both dreading the next two years. He's planning on doing as much of his homework as he can after Nathan is in bed, so I'll have LOTS of writing time over the next many months!! I'm going to miss our nightly routine of snuggling on the couch, eating chocolate and watching Netflix, though. :(

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