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The Big Boy Room

Jon and I spent the better part of the weekend and the last several days turning this sweet little nursery:

Into a big boy bedroom! We stole our idea shamelessly off Pinterest (original idea here!) and I absolutely love it. The navy on the bottom of the walls is a little darker than I had intended, but I think it works fine. :)

Dry rollers work the best when you are only two. ;)

The baseball wall!! Jon did almost all of it - I think it looks amazing!

We used to have this little red chair in the living room and Mom suggested moving it into the bedroom. I love it! It's a little reading area. ;) I still need to get some things for the walls and change out the lampshade, but that can be a work in progress. ;)

This was when we first showed him the baseball wall. I love his expression! Ha! Nathan adores his "bayball woom". He kept staring at it and saying, "da bayball wall! Da bayball paint!" ;)

Monday, we set up his big boy bed that my parents very graciously helped us get for him. I spent Monday night and Tuesday washing the new bedding and last night was his first night in the big boy bed.

Think he's excited?? ;)

And of course I had to take pictures of his last night in the crib. We moved the crib to the playroom during the renovation. He's so sweet. I cannot, cannot believe he's not going to be in the crib anymore.

After he woke up from nap yesterday, I told him this was his last time to wake up in the crib and he started grinning all happily and said, "Yeah! The bid boy bed!"

I have got to stop blinking because this is what happens when I do. We took the crib down yesterday after nap and stored it in Nathan's closet. It has been a very emotional couple of days for me here. One because I can't believe Nathan is already so big and two because I am praying so hard that we have a reason to bring the crib out again someday very soon.

All ready for Nathan last night. :)

He was SO EXCITED. We have talked this up for weeks. He was in that bed at least 8 times before bedtime last night, he could not wait. ;) And then, he raced through telling us goodnight so he could go lay down. Ha!

I didn't do anything differently than we normally did to put him in bed. I sang to him, kissed his forehead and left while he was still awake. When we went back in about an hour or so later, this is what we found - fast asleep! He is SO cute. I just can't get over how tiny he is in that bed!

He slept for almost 13 hours and was laying there waiting for me when I finally went in there and checked on him at 9:30, so all my fears about a night without sleep were unfounded. God is good. We have prayed so hard over this bed, over this new room and over our son. Right now I feel like this week it's the big boy bed and next week, he's going to be packing up and leaving for college. How I pray that the days go slowly so I can soak up every second with my baby!

You discern my going out and my lying down;
You are familiar with all my ways.
-Psalm 139:3

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