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Nathan's 2nd Birthday: Take One!

Oh the crazy, fun, busy, exhausting, exciting, fun-filled weekend we have had! We started partying on Friday morning and didn't stop until Sunday night.

I am completely worn out.

And... drumroll please... I didn't cry! I was so proud of myself! I got a little teary when I went in to sing happy birthday to him when he woke up on Friday morning, but I held it in.

My big birthday boy in his new shirt. I got him a shirt for his first birthday and he wore it as a nap time shirt up until about a month ago when it just got to be too small.

We got up and went to Krispy Kreme for a little Mommy/Son birthday breakfast date which was so fun. He was so excited about his doughnut and getting to sit in a big boy chair.

Afterward, we went to the zoo and met Gammy, Pops, Nama and Uncle Caleb for a birthday trip to the zoo. We had the best time! And it was the first time I haven't taken the stroller with us. I really missed the cup holders and the ability to bring 936 things without having to carry it all. ;)

Apparently it was the zoo's 85th birthday this year, so we had to stop and take a picture with the birthday cake sign. :)

After the zoo, we went out to Paradise Bakery for lunch and then hurried home to put Nathan down for a nap so we could transform our living room into a Mickey Mouse party house.  We are SO excited that he got a swing set from Gammy and Pops! Jon and my dad put it together while he was sleeping.

He was SO cute when he woke up. Everyone was here and Jon and I brought him out of his room and he saw everyone in the living room and he looked at me and Jon and asked, "It's the happy?" all excitedly. So funny. We've been telling him about his "Happy Birthday" coming up. Ha!

He was an absolute pro at opening gifts! And he got spoiled ROTTEN. I hope he never takes for granted how much his family loves him!! He kept saying, "Wow!" and "Whooa!" every time he opened something. Ha!

He kept saying "WHOA!" on the swing set.

First time on the new swing set!

Yes. We are thrilled that my siblings decided to give him a drum set. ;) And their expressions when he opened it were just hilarious. Honestly, he LOVES it and it's so funny to watch him play them. I just don't want to hear them too often. ;)

 Out "moaning" the lawn with his new mower.

I was so excited to get this cake!! It originally started out as just an Oreo ice cream cake and I had them add a "MeMo" topper to it. Is that not the most perfect cake for Nathan??!

What a wonderful day! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family who loves us and celebrates our son with us. I can't believe my baby is two!!
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