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He will not fail

I saw this the other day and just thought it was such a great reminder:

"Don't be afriad, for the Lord will go before you and will be with you; He will not fail you."
- Deut. 31:8

I love that, especially thinking back to the last six weeks and looking ahead to the surgery two weeks from yesterday. He will not fail. Even if by our plan it doesn't go right, His plan never fails.

We have spent the week getting back into our normal routine. My grandmother, Nama, left on Monday morning and I'm so glad she came. I absolutely love spending time with her. And Nathan adored her. He talked to her nonstop. If she was trying to talk to someone else, he'd sit or stand next to her and say, "Memaw. Memaw. MEMAW. MEMAW!" Ha! He's classic with that. He'll always say "Mommy. Mommy. Mom. MOMMY. MAMA!! MOMMY!!" anytime I'm not responding, just getting louder and louder and louder. Or, "Beemy. Beemy. BEEMY. BEEMY!!" when he wants Gammy.

I wish she lived closer so we could see my grandmother more often.

Nathan called "Memaw" on his phone (also known as his hand) about eight times on Monday. He'd look at his palm, press around on it and say, "Beep, beep, beep." Then he'd put his hand on his ear and say, "Memaw? Memaw? You on da pwane? On the pwane, Memaw? Otay. Bye Memaw! I wuv you, Memaw." :) Cute boy.

He wants to be like the big boys so much. Ha! Anything Jon, my dad or either of my brothers does, he immediately tries to copy it - even down to how they sit. We were getting ready to leave for the night to put him in bed and he was stalling by pretending he was really into the game on TV. ;) (And just for the record, he only gets his "baba" (pacifier) when he's on his way to bed. ;) )

When I was pregnant with Nathan, my mom gave me this necklace with Nathan's birthstone on it at his baby shower and I absolutely love it. Mom found this little heart charm made by the same people after the miscarriage and I think it's a perfect way to honor that little one in heaven. (She got it at www.heartonyourwrist.com) My friend Melanie also gave me a beautiful necklace in honor of our little one. They both mean so much to me. I'm so blessed to be so surrounded by love and support.

Jon decided to wash the car the other day when he got home from work and I have never seen Nathan more excited to help Daddy.

He actually did a great job helping! He got completely soaked and sudsy. ;)

Best buddies. I love this picture!

Tonight, Jon and I have a painting date to turn Nathan's baby room into a big boy room while he sleeps and tomorrow while he's at Gammy and Pops'. His new big boy bed should be here by next Friday. Hopefully his first night in the bed can be that same day so that if it's a very long night, we can all take naps on Saturday. I cannot even believe that we are already moving him to a new bed.

Wasn't this just last week??
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