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A rough day, a long night and a good ending

Yesterday started out well. We had a free day, so we decided to take a little impromptu family trip to the zoo. Nathan LOVED it. And it was so fun - we go often during the year, but Jon doesn't get to go with us except on rare occasions. I think Nathan was pretty stoked that his daddy was there. :)

About 10:30 in the morning at the zoo, I went to the bathroom and found a little bit of spotting. Which worried me to death, but I tried my absolute hardest to not think about it (that wasn't real successful). We headed home from the zoo about 12:30 and I didn't spot again until early that afternoon. Then I kept seeing it all during the early evening.

So, needless to say, we were scared to death. I kept praying and praying and I called my doctor's office and the doctor who was on call called me back around 8:30 and recommended we go to the emergency room.

We spent a VERY long several hours there, first in the waiting room, then in a room. They drew blood and put an IV in, just in case I needed fluids. Then we waited. And waited. And prayed. And prayed and prayed and prayed. I honestly don't think I've ever been more scared in my life - except for when Nathan was born and his heartbeat started plummeting right before they decided to do an emergency C-section.

We finally were taken to the ultrasound room and after about ten or fifteen minutes of doing scans, the lady turned the monitor and we were able to see our sweet baby's heartbeat. I cried and cried. I am SO thankful! God is so good! The baby was so tiny and had the tiniest little heart, but it was beating away perfectly at 108 beats per minute.

We got back to the room and Jon and I just hugged and cried and prayed. There is still a slight chance of something happening since I have had some bleeding, but we are praying and trusting God that His will for this little one is perfect - whatever it is. Since we had a very in-depth ultrasound to check everything, the doctors also found a mass near one of my ovaries. The word "mass" is so scary sounding, but honestly, I've never had an ultrasound that examined everything, so there easily could be a fibroid on my ovary that has been there for years and we've just never discovered it. I'm supposed to schedule a follow-up appointment with my OB/GYN on Monday. We didn't end up leaving the hospital until almost 1:45 in the morning.

While I was laying there on the ultrasound table, God totally brought the verse that says "I will never leave you or forsake you" to my mind. Over and over and over again. And I know that promise is for my sweet baby too - whatever happens, I know that God has not left or forsaken him or her.

So...we are breathing deeply and praying hard. We were supposed to be leaving today to go see Jon's family in California, but with everything that happened, I think we were all in agreement that we needed to stay home and close to our doctor, just in case. We will miss seeing them.

Will you please join us in praying for this little one? Please pray for the baby to continue to grow and develop and for the spotting to stop. I'm going to do my absolute best to rest and not do anything unnecessary over the next couple of weeks. I am so thankful that God allowed all this to happen the month that Jon is off work!

Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Love to all of you,
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