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I am still in shock, I think. I feel so blessed, so humbled, so many different emotions about our wonderful miracle!!

We are not in the clear - I am still bleeding and sometimes it's much worse than just spotting. PLEASE keep us in your prayers. I had more blood tests run on Wednesday and it looks like my progesterone levels are low, so the doctor put me on a progesterone supplement twice a day. I'm praying hard that helps the bleeding to stop quickly!! They weren't able to see what is causing the bleeding - my cervix is closed and everything looks fine in my uterus, which is wonderful news, but it's also a little disconcerting to not know where this bleeding is coming from.

I'm also back on semi-bed-rest. Basically, I'm just supposed to take it very easy for a while. I've never been so happy to be on bed rest, but it does leave an awful lot of time to just sit and worry. Please pray for my heart - I'm doing my best to rest in God's plan for our little one whatever that is, but that's easier said than done a lot of the time. I'm going to try my best to use this time to get ahead on my deadlines and pray and pray and pray.

And while I've got you praying, will you also keep several of my dear friends who have struggled with miscarriages in your prayers? I have felt so burdened for them over the last two days. I don't understand what God is doing but I will praise Him - regardless of what happens with our little one.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your prayers - I am so very, very thankful!!

Love to all of you,
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