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Warrior Dash weekend

Last Saturday, Jon, my parents and my brother Caleb all competed in the Warrior Dash - a race/obstacle course that has you swim through a mud pit at the end.

They had a blast. ;)

And all of them did really well! I was so proud of them! :)

This shot of my parents is my favorite - ha!

The whole muddy gang!! Our friend Phoebe, Mom, Dad, Jon and Caleb.

Meanwhile, I hung out with Cayce, Bryant and this cheesy guy:

It was SO hot and dusty. We all had to take showers when we got home. And later that night, at Chili's of course, Nathan ended up throwing up most of what he'd eaten that day. (Yes, we were those people at dinner.) So, we got the rest of our dinner to go and came home and he threw up again in the middle of the night. We spent yesterday at home and he had some pretty nasty diapers, so we were home again today.

Poor baby. I'm wondering if this is all connected to that fever he had earlier. He seemed to be feeling better after his nap today, so I'm praying that this is all FINALLY behind us!!
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