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Our Weekend

I was looking through pictures today and realized there have been a few that I'd been wanting to post just for memory's sake that I haven't posted yet!

This was me and Leigh Ann on our first Mother's Day last year:

And we took this one this year!! What a difference, right??? I cannot believe how much bigger Nathan is - he looks like such a little boy now!

Also, a few weeks ago, we threw a Lunch Bunch shower for my sweet friend Eryn. Little Gracie is due the beginning of July and I cannot wait to meet her!

This weekend did not go exactly as I planned, but we made the best of it anyway. ;)

Thursday night, our community group was canceled, so we headed over to Chick-Fil-A after dinner for some drive-thru milkshakes. I craved these SO bad with Nathan, so I guess it's no surprise that he loves them now! ;) Nathan thought he was big stuff that night:

Friday, we had a great morning playing with our neighbors and then having lunch with Leigh Ann and Hayley and so I felt absolute terrible when Nathan woke up running a 101.7 fever after nap. :( Lots of sick exposure. This was a yucky virus. He ran the fever for two days and got a terrible rash that went along with it.

 Bless his heart. This was how he wanted to watch his Me Mo that afternoon when Daddy got home:

We took him to the doctor just to be sure it wasn't anything more serious. Apparently, he had big sores in the back of his mouth and the doctor asked him if he'd like a Popsicle and Nathan said he would like a "puwrpuh" one. We also had to drag Lucky all through the waiting room. At least I talked him into leaving his blanket in the car!

 By Sunday afternoon, he was pretty much back to normal except for the rash which is finally fading today. Poor kid. He looked like he had some awful tropical disease.

He's also been shortening his naps - I used to be able to set the clock by him. He'd go to bed at one and wake up at four, but lately he's been doing two hours if I'm lucky. Oy. Add in two deadlines, fatigue and morning sickness and I am SO thankful that Jon has the month of June off!! I have a lot to get done!

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! Did you do anything special? Also, question for you: What are some of your favorite summertime dinners?? Particularly for the grill? I am running out of ideas... :)
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