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Give us the cheese!

Nathan has learned a new trick, one that I'm sure will haunt our family pictures for the next few years:

I think it's hilarious.

Hilarious NOW. I can bet money I will not think it's so hilarious in two years when I am begging, pleading, crying and gnashing my teeth to get him to smile genuinely for a camera. ;)

Well, something is going around our city because every person I talk to has a kid who ran a fever this week. Including me. I think we are finally over the virus now, but it did have it's "benefits":

Like Nathan's first Keva Juice. I'm all about doing fun things when you're sick, in case y'all haven't noticed. All day movies, ice cream, smoothies, bubble baths...my mother raised me right. ;)

 I'd say he's a fan. ;)
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