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Do you like my hat?

Today was one of those days where it didn't go quite like I planned. I was planning on staying home and getting the house cleaned, but we ended up going to the doctors to make sure that a rash that showed up over the weekend on Nathan's arms and knees wasn't anything serious. It looks like my sensitive skinned boy officially has eczema. :(

Then we came home and I felt so sick the rest of the day, so we just hung out and watched movies and read Go, Dog! Go! about eighteen times. He has been so funny lately - he will just randomly find me in the house and hold my hand for a few minutes before going back to whatever he was doing. It's so cute!

He really wanted me to take his picture with my phone, so he ran across the room and posed. ;) Goofy boy.

Jon had Bible study tonight, so Nathan and I entertained ourselves with Photo Booth on my computer before bath time. He kept looking at us in the screen and then turning real quick to look at me like our faces had really turned into that. Ha!

And fun news!! I've got a new novella (and a new contest!!) coming very soon! :) Stay tuned!

Have a good night! :)
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