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Yesterday, Nathan was in the bathroom with me while I fixed my hair and decided that he needed to hold all of his Memos (Mickey Mouse) and Pluto and Donald at the same time.

 We don't need Goofy because he is one. ;)

Well. So, two weekends ago, I caught an AWFUL stomach virus, all last week I feel like Nathan was dealing with something along those lines and then yesterday, Jon woke up with it.

I need one of those stink bomb things but for germs. Really. Hopefully now that we have ALL had it, it will leave us alone!!! :)

So, Nathan and I tried to stay out of the house yesterday because the poor kid just does not get that when Daddy is home sick that doesn't not mean he's there to play. :( So, we went to Michaels and Nathan decided that he was much too big to sit in the cart:

His latest thing is to say, "I got this." So yesterday I said, "Nathan, are you sure you can hold on tight enough?"

He said, "I got dis. I got dis."

He is too young for this. Surely I was just bringing this child home from the hospital.

Today, my friend Melanie texted me early this morning with an offer of going to the mall and walking around and it took me all of about .003 seconds to immediately agree. It was so nice just walking around and talking! And this is how the kids spent a good part of the beginning at the mall:

We ended up getting lunch there and riding the carousel which has become the Bright and Shining Beacon of Nathan's existence. He loves the horses (even though they both look a little deer-in-the-headlights at the moment this picture was taken)!

 He threw the biggest fit when we had to get off and I immediately felt chastised again deep in my heart for all the times I'd judged moms when their kids missed behaved before I had one.

Sometimes I feel like I need to send an apology note to every mother in this city.
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