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Welcome Spring!

A few weeks ago, I got an email asking if I'd like to review a clothing item from Fresh Produce and after looking at some of their adorable clothes, of course I said yes! ;)

I got my new skirt in the mail this week! I put it on this morning to have Jon take a quick picture of me so y'all could see it (and totally forgot to put my wedding ring back on after putting on lotion! Ha! What can I say? It was early), but then I just ended up wearing it all day because it was so comfy. You have to love jersey skirts. Ignore the bright white glare that is my legs. We're working on this. Self-tanner and I need to become friends again this year, it looks like.

I got the Jersey Tiered Skirt and I absolutely love the fit. It's super comfortable and way easy to wear with just a T-shirt or dressed up more. I love it! :)

Here are a few other things they have that I thought looked fun - Simple Skirts, super cute Spring Clothes and if you are planning on a fantastic vacation this summer, they also have Cruise Wear. Have any of you ever been on a cruise?? I totally want to go someday. Maybe afterward my legs would be more the color of the model in the picture above, though honestly, they would probably be more red than anything. I don't tan, I pink. ;)

Thanks again to Fresh Produce for the fabulous skirt! I hope you check them out!
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