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Friday Favorites: Just insert Ricky Ricardo's voice here

Ai yai yai yai yai.

These last few days have been SO busy! Tonight is our first night in over a week that we don't have anything planned and I am so very much looking forward to a relaxing dinner at home and maybe a walk before Nathan's bedtime tonight. We've been so crazy and I have taken almost zero pictures this week which might be a new record in the life of my little Nater Tot. ;)

A few things that have happened - last week, I went to see a midwife I've never seen before about our continuing struggle to get pregnant. She'd also struggled for a long time with infertility and she had a lot of good advice for me. While we were there she drew blood to run tests and y'all know that is my FAVORITE thing in the whole world. Um, NOT. (This blog post is officially vintage. ;) But I got the test results on Wednesday and apparently everything was normal except my vitamin D levels which were very low, which apparently can contribute to infertility. (Who knew??)

So, she told me to take a supplement and go sit in the sun every day as close to noon as possible for twenty minutes or until my skin turns pink.

It looks like I will get that tan this year after all. ;) I've actually really been enjoying my forced relaxation in the sun time every day. Ha! I put Nathan down for his nap and then head out there for a few minutes before coming back inside to write or clean or try to attempt to accomplish one of the 173 things on my to do list.

All that to say, THANK YOU for your continued prayers!! :) I have felt so much more at peace in the last few months - such a huge blessing. Thank you! And please know that I do continue to pray for you all who are in the waiting boat with me.

On to Friday Favorites. :)

1. Amish Friendship Bread

photo credit

I've had the starter fermenting in my house for ten days and yesterday, we finally got to bake the bread! It was so delicious and the perfectly unhealthy way to start a day. ;)

2. Spring skirts

When I was about five, my mom couldn't get me to wear anything except skirts. Then I went through a long, long phase where I hated to wear dresses and skirts. Apparently things like these come in full circle (um...no pun intended) because I'm now back to loving skirts. Particularly jersey skirts - so very comfy and easy to wear with T-shirts!

3. Nathan's new favorite song

Can we tell we've had a bunch of birthday parties in the last month?? :)

4. Chef John's Buttermilk Biscuits

Seriously delicious and very quick and easy. I made these the other night with dinner and I pretended that they were incredibly healthy for me to eat. ;)

Your turn! What are your favorites this week??
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