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The Best $8 We Ever Spent and Party Weekend :)

Ever since we saw my cousin Cade play baseball in Dallas, Nathan has talked of little else. "Beeball? Tade? Beeball? Tade?"

We had to get a few things at Target on Friday night and we passed the baseball gloves. Needless to say, we couldn't resist. And I have heard of NOTHING ELSE in my house since.


I tried to toss the ball with him this weekend and sadly my sister got this on video:

I think we're all praying now that he doesn't get any athletic tendencies from me.

We had a great, great weekend! We have spent the past three days at parties and it's a great reason to love spring even when I'm having to make the choice between thinking clearly and breathing.

Saturday, we went to celebrate this little cutie's first birthday - Eliana! We had such a wonderful time that I completely spaced about taking pictures. I can't believe that the Lunch Bunch "babies" are already a year old.


Sunday, was Hayley Grace's party. We had the most beautiful weather this weekend for these outdoor parties! Isn't she just a doll??


The Lunch Bunch :) Oh, how I love this little group!! :)

Me and the sweet birthday girls (Leigh Ann's birthday was last Friday) - I can't believe it's already been a year since sweet Hayley Grace was born!

Today, Jamie threw a little Easter party at her house for Lunch Bunch and it was too fun (and very delicious!). I think Nathan is now used to a party every day, so no cupcakes tomorrow might come as a bit of a shock to him. ;)

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