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21 Months

I cannot believe I just typed those words.

Nathan is so big and so fun! I haven't done a monthly post in a little while, so I thought I'd write a few things down today just so I'll remember. ;)

He is very into jumping lately. He jumps ALL the time. Off curbs, off sidewalks, anytime there seems to be a change in the flooring, he has to jump over it. He's also started half-squatting, half-walking when I'm holding his hand and we're trying to walk through places. He is so weird. ;)

He loves to run. Anytime he starts running, he starts yelling "Hurwy! Hurwy!"(Hurry). Ha! ;)

He talks constantly. From the moment he wakes up until the moment I put him in bed. About everything and anything! He's very consistent in putting two to three (sometimes even four!) words together now. Some of his favorites:

"Hi Dodo!!" (Hi Kody)
"Dat Mommy and Dat Daddy" (That's Mommy's and that's Daddy's. He's become very aware of possessions.)
"I wruve oo!" (My favorite of them all.)
He's very excited by "caws" (cars), "Twus" (trucks) and "bites" (bikes or motorcycles). We have to search for them anytime we go out.
"Pay beeball?" (play baseball)


For whatever reason, he's recently decided to start calling my parents "Mimi" and "Bop". I'm hoping he'll move back to Gammy and Pops. ;) He's also started realizing that people go together, so he'll say "Mommy ee Daddy. Mimi ee Bop. Nonnie ee Pop O."

He loves, loves to talk on the phone! Anytime he hears a phone ring, he starts yelling, "Hewwo?!" It makes for some interesting moments in stores. If it's my phone ringing, he starts shouting, "Daddy?! Mimi?!"

His favorite response to anything is "Yeah." "Did you have a good time, Nathan?" "Yeah, yeah." ;)

His other favorite thing is to yell, "WHOA!" anytime something even remotely exciting happens.

"I need more" or "I want more" has become his life motto lately. I've been trying to buy more fruits since they are all in season and he'll hold his plate up at dinner and announce "I NEED MORE!"

His memory amazes and scares me. He remembers things from months ago. He'll spout into this long string of words and I'll catch a few of them and realize he's talking about something that happened several weeks ago. I need to start watching what I say to him, I think! Ha! ;)

He's still in love with the "howse" movie (Tangled). Really, he's in love with horses period. We're trying to find a time and place to go show him real horses. ;)

He is head-over-heels in love with babies. He adores them. Anytime we get to see Bennett, he flips out with happiness. If we pass a baby in a store, he talks about them for the rest of the trip.

He loves to sing. He can do most of the motions to "Jesus Loves Me", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "If You're Happy and You Know It". He loves Ring Around the Rosy.

He's started recognizing streets that we pass. Whenever we turn onto my parents' street, he starts saying, "Mimi! Tayce! Bop!" And when I tell him we're going to the zoo, he immediately says, "Eewee?" (Hayley) "JuJu?" (Julia).

He still hates the church nursery. He'll begin the tearing up process as soon as we walk in the door. I have no idea what to do to get him to be comfortable in there. I've tried snacks, cookies, milk. He even gets his "baba" (paci) in there when he's usually only allowed to have it in bed and he's still not happy.

He loves hats. He will put anything on his head and wear it like a hat. He's also become very fond of his sunglasses.

He laughs all the time. Thankfully, his temper tantrums have gotten less dramatic and less frequent (either that or I'm just more used to them. Ha!). He has such a compassionate heart! If he thinks anyone his hurting, he immediately tries to kiss them and then he wants a sympathy band-aid. ;)

Nathan is the absolute joy of my life! I honestly cannot imagine a more fun, exhausting, adorable, sweet, crazy boy to love!! :)Photobucket
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