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Vacation in Dallas

Wow. It has been a CRAZY Spring Break!! :) So sorry for the long absence. I even took my computer with us to blog while we were out of town, but I should know by now that never happens. ;)

First, I realized when I was transferring pictures from my camera that I'd forgotten to transfer a few from a couple of weeks ago. Pops and Gammy came by for a little bit one night before their Bible study to say hi. Nathan decided he needed Pops' reading glasses and apparently this is the face you have to make with them on:

I walked in the other night to check on Nathan and pray for him before I went to bed and found this adorable little scene. I love how there are two pacis and Lucky on his chest! And my favorite part of this picture is his feet - he's slept with his feet like that since he was born.

This last week was SO MUCH FUN. We packed up everything and drove to Dallas at a very ungodly hour of the morning.  We left early though so we could see this dear, dear girl and her parents for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory:

One of my bestest friends in the world, Shannon! I just adore her and her family!! We have been friends since middle school and I am so thankful for her friendship. :)

We spent the rest of the time with my dad's family. We had the BEST time! Nathan got to meet his second cousins (or first once removed? I have no idea how that works) for the first time - Trenton and Jovie. :) They are actually in birth order in this picture - Trenton was born eleven days before Nathan and Jovie was born four weeks later.

 Trenton and his mom, Christi, my cousin. :)

We spent the majority of the time at my Aunt Julie and Uncle Clay's house. They have a bunch of land with a pool, lots of room to play, two dogs and chickens to chase. Nathan was in absolute heaven. I loved watching the older guys teach the little ones to play football!


My Uncle Clay grilled his famous fajitas for us for dinner one night.  It was fun reconnecting with everyone - we haven't been able to get out there for a few years.


Some of the whole family - it was my cousin Cade's birthday while we were there. So much fun!

He had lots of help opening his presents. ;)

A few of games of Peanuts were played - we grew up playing this game! 

Gammy and Nathan. :) The wind chime was a source of joy for Nathan and headaches for everyone else in the nearby vicinity.

I was looking back through the pictures, saw this one and just could not believe how OLD he looks!

 Trenton and Nathan invented a great (heh) game of throwing the basketballs into the pool and then waiting for them to float back, begging one of the adults to fish them out and then throwing them in again. It was very sweet of my aunts to stand there and play with them!

The kids got to go "help" collect eggs - the two that Nathan got he dropped on the patio while he tried to show us what a chicken does. Here's Aunt Jill with Jovie, Nathan and Aunt Julie and my mom with Trenton.

"What is this, anyway?"

My cousin Taylor and Cayce. :)

We had two very tired boys at the end of the day!

I absolutely love this picture of Nathan and Cayce in the car on the way there!!

Jon and I also celebrated our 4th anniversary in Dallas. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend in the world. I love you, honey!

On our last night there, we got to go watch Cade's baseball game. He made the game ending out! Nathan loved cheering for him, but wasn't too sure about Cade's face paint when he came over to say hi. Ha! But the whole way back to Julie's he kept saying, "Tade? Bayball? Tade? Bayball?" Ha!

And last, but certainly not least, we HAD to go to In-N-Out while we were there and Nathan got to have his very first In-N-Out burger! He demolished it!! I think we have a child after our own hearts. ;)

Whew! Lots of catching up! I hope your spring break was wonderful! What did you do?
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