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There's a first for everything

Even ear infections. :(

Nathan has been congested, coughing and running a fever off and on since Friday. He's cutting two teeth, so I figured it was teething related at first, but I finally took him in today because it wasn't getting any better. And he had a double ear infection.

At least it explains the grouchiness. On both our parts. Staying home is not really my strong point and sadly, my son inherited that trait.

So, we've watched Tangled three times today and honestly, if I hear "Mother Knows Best" one more time today, I might have to relocate the DVD to somewhere far, far away from here.

Thankfully, Gammy came over this morning and went to the doctor and Walmart to fill his prescription with us. It's always nice when you've got a grouchy kid to double team him.

I'm praying that tonight is a much better night as far as his and our sleeping goes. I hate hearing him cough away in his crib. :(
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