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Spring Day

So, ever since I was a little kid, winter has always, always been my favorite time of the year. There was just so much about it that I loved - the excuse to stay inside and read, the ability to drink hot drinks all day and never feel weird about it, fires in the fireplace, Christmas, my birthday, etc.

But now, since Nathan is old enough to go outside and play, I'm really looking forward to this summer. And I've been dreading this spring terribly. Spring here means winds at 512 miles an hour and horrific allergies to go with them. I hate March.

I keep praying that surely the winds will die down soon and we can go play at the park.

But in the meantime, we've been playing inside. That's also Nathan's new favorite word.

"PLAY??!!" And he usually is yelling it while grabbing my hand and yanking me toward his play room. ;)

Yesterday, we stayed at home most of the day and just did stuff around the house. I'm on the home stretch for the deadline which is honestly the hardest part for me to write. Tying up loose ends is not my favorite part of writing a book. So if any of my novels ever just ends with no warning, consider this my apology. ;)

I let him eat his snack of "Cheetos" in the living room the other day while I was trying to get a little bit more in my word count for the day, but decided to be proactive about the inevitable crunchy mess and put a towel down on the couch. It worked great until Nathan noticed that the towel was covered in crumbs and decided to brush them all on the floor. ;)

There have been quite a few sales for summer clothes around here lately, so we spent part of the day today trying on some new outfits that I'd picked up at the end of summer last year or he got as gifts so I could see what we still needed. Apparently, he decided that this meant he needed to model for me. He moved his arms around, sat down, laid down, stood up, smiled, etc. I was dying. Then he struck this pose:

 Y'all. I'm totally in love with this kid.
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