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It's Spring

So, Wednesday afternoon I was standing in the kitchen and opened my purse to get something and touched a sticky mass in the bottom of my purse.

Apparently, I or Nathan had thrown a Chick-Fil-A sauce into my purse awhile back and it had exploded all over the bottom of it, capturing the attention of a huge handful of cough drops that I also did not realize was at the bottom of my purse.

Before you all swear to never come into my home and eat at my table, I'll just assure you that this doesn't happen that often and I do try to live as cleanly as someone with a 20-month-old boy can live.

So, between that and the huge rip around the button holding the front pocket closed, I decided it was time for a new purse and dumped the old one in the trash. Which means that I will be purse shopping today because I've been putting all my stuff in Nathan's little backpack/diaper bag these last four days and it makes me nuts that my chapstick always ends up in the bottom of his bag and I can't find it.

Easy access to chapstick is a necessity for me.

So, today's post is going to be a mess of purses and cute spring-ish outfits that I am attempting to budget in. ;)

1. Rosetti Capri Belted Snakeskin Shopper in White/Black

I couldn't get the picture to transfer over here, but I think this is cute. I always feel like I'm flirting on the edge of old lady bag when I'm trying to find a purse that works for me. It needs to be big enough to fit a diaper and wipes case into if I need to but small enough that I'm not lugging a suitcase around with me. And good grief, why in the world are purses so expensive???

2. Lou-ella Zip-top Scoop Tote

I think this is a really cute purse. It looks small enough to not be considered luggage and large enough to hold the 473 things that I apparently think are essentials to keep with me at all times.

I'm remembering the days of just shoving my phone, chapstick, ID and debit card in my pockets with sweet fondness right now.

3. AE Lightweight Boyfriend Cardigan

This is adorable and I think it would be perfect thing to put on over a tank top and jeans when the nights get a little chilly. I particularly like the charcoal color.

4. Women's Sueded Espadrille Flats

These are too cute and I love this color but I'm not sure that I could think of enough outfits to wear with them to warrant a new pair of shoes. But, I do love them.

5. Women's Striped Tie-Front Jersey Dress

I am so into jersey this summer. I envied people all last summer who were wearing these cute little jersey dresses and skirts and I'm SLOWLY adding them to my wardrobe this summer. This is way cute and Old Navy even has all their dresses on sale right now.

6. Women's Smocked Chiffon Dress

I think this is really sweet, I'm just not sure I have the right body type to wear it. However, I think it would be the perfect date night dress for someone and it is also on sale.

We've spent the day at home today. Nathan is coughing and both of us are sneezing and itching the eyes, so I'm hoping it's just good old fashioned allergies. I don't want my baby to grow up any faster, but I honestly can't wait until he's two and I can give him some cough medicine. Poor baby has barely slept in the past three days from all this drainage. :(Photobucket
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