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All done!

Well, today I typed the words "The End" on my current deadline (not officially due until May 1st, tentatively titled Paige Rewritten). I have a love/hate relationship with those two words. If you're ever reading one of my books and feel like I typed "The End" with my hand covering my eyes, you may or may not be correct.

But, I'm feeling really good about the way it ended. And I'm feeling even better because I've still got a month to look it over and make the many corrections I know exist. Yay!

Good news on the home front as well - Nathan did not cough at all last night and seems to be a lot better today. He's still having some snot issues (some of which aren't just mucus related. But seriously. What 20-month-old doesn't?), but he's slowly turning back into my normal, crazy son. ;)

The popsicle helped.

Today, we headed over to Gammy's house and it was a little bright outside:

I looked back a little later and saw this:


Ha! He's still getting the hang of the new sunglasses. ;) (And um, no, of course I did not take this picture while driving.)

Gammy watched Nathan today while I finished up the manuscript and so that left me his entire nap time with nothing but free time. And OH DID I ENJOY IT. Free time is a long sought after treat in this house.

First, I sat out on our back porch in an effort to correct my horrible short-sleeved shirt tan that I have already achieved this year after one unfortunate sunburn. And I read. I love to read and I don't do it often enough anymore. I did read The Hunger Games earlier this week since I felt like the only person on the face of the world who hadn't read it and I just don't like feeling lonely.

Now, I would like to see the movie and I'm thinking about hinting to a certain cute teacher who happens to live with me if he'd like to ask me to go see it with him.

We could even eat dinner at a nice restaurant before we go.

I am very fond of food that I didn't cook or have to clean up after.

Particularly if said food involves tiramisu.

I'm just saying. ;)
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