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Monday, Monday

First off, thank you again for your sweet encouragement on the last two posts. I do want to be honest in this waiting period but I also don't want to overlook the blessings that God has given me. It's something I've always had a hard time doing. I worried so much before I met Jon, before we had Nathan... I joked for a long time that worry was my spiritual gift, but it's really a sin and one I'm trying to work on.

But that's another blog post for another day. ;)

All that to say, thank you for your continued prayers and know I'll be praying for you all as well!

Nathan is very into sharing his "baba" (pacifier) with Wyatt and Lucky lately. He will wake up in the mornings or from nap and immediately start saying, "shh! shh!", lay them on the pillow, give them each a paci and cover them up with the blanket. Yet another reason we keep a hundred pacis in his crib now. ;)

My driver's license finally expired last week which is a wonderful thing because when I went four years ago to get it renewed, the guy taking my picture did this:

"Okay. I'm taking it on the count of one...two..."


Yep. I was definitely right in the middle of biting my lower lip when he took it.

So, today was the dreaded license renewal day. I came as prepared as I could be. I gave Nathan "cheetos" (those baked Gerber snack things), two coloring books, chocolate milk and a blueberry fruit leather and pretty much smiled from the second I walked over to the picture-taking-place until after I left the building just in case.

God willing, I will have a much more beautiful license picture in 7-10 days or whenever the state department decides I am a responsible adult in need of driving with a permanent instead of temporary license. I think I know a grand total of two people who actually have nice pictures on their licenses, though, so I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

We had a great weekend! Saturday, all three of us slept in until 9:45 which was about the BEST thing that could have happened. Everything looks sunnier when you're well rested, I think. ;) We did some errands and returned a few things, including the miscalculations from Nathan's sandbox:

;) He thought he was about the coolest thing in the world.

We went to Chili's with Gammy and Pops on Saturday night and had a great time. I love my parents so much. Then, yesterday, I got to meet Leigh Ann for coffee and it was just the TWO of us. No kids, no husbands. SO fun. I'm so blessed to have such a sweet, wonderful friend! :) We tried to look for jackets but struck out. Apparently, this is not a good time of the year to suddenly realize how much you need a new hoodie jacket.

And then Mom and I got to run to the mall last night. Two great girl times in one day! It was wonderful. :)

Today, we met the Lunch Bunch at Chick-Fil-A. Always an adventure. At one point, four of the six kids were crying, one was screaming and the other one was an eight-week-old baby.

So, we got all the kids balloons.

Ah, Monday.
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