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Grace, Grace


We have officially hit that stage. The stage I've been dreading even more than potty training. I've seen glimpses of it here and there, but never like I saw it today.

Nathan threw about the biggest fit I have ever seen in my life today as we were leaving Lunch Bunch. He was hitting, head-butting, ripping hair... you name it, he was doing it to me all while crying and screaming at the top of his lungs.

I had no idea what to do - I was absolutely horrified. I tried telling him no, I tried asking him what was wrong, I tried holding him still, none of the these that usually help did anything. So, I carried him to the car kicking and screaming, wrestled him into his car seat and both of us cried the whole way home (well, until he fell asleep. Then it was just me).

I feel so inept as a mom sometimes. Most of the time, I feel like I at least have a small idea of what to do every day. Nathan and I have fun, he's my buddy. The majority of the time, we get along great and he's very obedient and sweet.

But sometimes, he gets into these moods and for the life of me, I cannot, cannot figure out what to do to show him that behavior is wrong. Nothing I do or say seems to work. It's so incredibly frustrating and it completely destroys any faith I have in myself as a mom.

We had a good weekend, though. Nathan finally started feeling back to normal on Friday night, so we celebrated the return to good health with pancakes and homemade blueberry sauce. I think he was a fan:

Then Jon went snowboarding with Clint and Justin (Jamie's husband), so they were all gone the entire day on Saturday. At first, Nathan and I were going to just stay home since Saturday was really his first fever-free day, but both of us were definitely getting very claustrophobic inside. Nathan kept grabbing things, saying, "Kay, bye? Okay, bye?" and walking for the door, like "Could we please leave?"

So, I ended up running to Joann's Fabric store to see if I could find anything fun with my 50% off coupon - which I didn't really. But it was very nice to be out amongst the living. Nathan and I both needed that, I'm pretty sure. After his nap, Leigh Ann and Hayley came over to play for a little bit before we went to Chick-Fil-A to meet Jamie, Joel and Julia for dinner. Always fun!

Source: twotinykitchens.com via Erynn on Pinterest

Yesterday, we watched the Super Bowl with my family. We had a great time - I made the ever-so-addicting peanut butter stuffed pretzels and Gammy made some incredible s'more bars. What's a Super Bowl without tons of sugar to eat?

And now, Nathan is sleeping and I am about to make myself a very large iced coffee and remind myself of God's grace to me and pray for grace for my son. And then I'm going to get to work on the writing.

Moms of toddlers - help please. How did you teach your child to listen and obey what you say? Any advice would be appreciated!!!
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