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Friday Favorites - the I've Got Company Coming edition

My in-laws are going to be here right around when Nathan wakes up from his nap today. Which is GREAT, because that means my house will still look and be clean since he won't have had enough time after nap to destroy it. I tried to clean yesterday but oh. my. gracious the day we had yesterday. I don't know if the shot on Wednesday or him not sleeping very well did it, but Nathan was a pill and a half yesterday. He screamed half the day and I burst into tears twice before finally piling us both in the car in our sweatpants to go get Starbucks.

Yes. I turned to the drink. I have a problem. If the first step is admitting it, I've been sitting on this first step since 2002.

But there was this AMAZING SHINING MOMENT yesterday that was totally and completely God's wonderful gift to me of just reminding me that what I'm doing is actually making a difference. Nathan handed me his milk cup yesterday and said, "Mommy, I wan mowe."A four word sentence! Previously unheard in this house from him. I almost started crying again but instead I gave him a hug, said a long prayer of thanks and got him some more to drink.

Lots of talk of drinks today. Sorry about that.

Bryant's girlfriend, Michaela, is in town this weekend as well and so we got to see her for a little bit last night at Gammy and Pops' for dinner. Nathan is pretty much head over heels in love with her. She could barely move without him holding her hand, hugging her or sitting in her lap. My boy's got the moves.

Like Jagger.

And now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the weekend.

We should move on to Friday Favorites.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

They seriously are magic. My walls, baseboards and doors have never been cleaner and when you consider I have a 19-month-old, that is proof enough.

2. David - 90 Days with A Heart Like His by Beth Moore

I finished up my other Bible study and I just started this one on Wednesday. So far, I think it's great. I love that there is lots of space for personal reflections and prayer. And can I just mention that it's hardcover and has the cool edged pages? Love that. I absolutely love my time in the mornings - it's definitely God's gift to me everyday. I didn't always used to be this way - I was a nighttime devotional girl. Marriage was hard for the first few months because I had to adjust to not having my evenings with me and Jesus anymore. But mornings have proven to be just as good and now my devotions include coffee or chai. ;)

3. Glade candles

I'll mention it again. I've got a 19-month-old. Who is in diapers. And who doesn't smell good at all unless it's in the fifteen minutes right after bath time. We heart scented candles at this house.

4. Homemade Bread

Source: reebeckisupergirl.blogspot.com via Erynn on Pinterest

Guys, I tried this recipe last week and Jon and I both about died from sheer homemade-bread-happiness-induced comas. It is THAT good. You must try it. I have a bread machine, so I followed that recipe, but there is also a link on how to make it without one. Do it.

5. Wine Bottle Wall Art

Source: shanty-2-chic.com via Erynn on Pinterest

I am so going to make this. Possibly even this weekend while there is extra help to make sure that I don't accidentally stain my child with the Deep Walnut Wood Stain instead of the two-by-four. Isn't this pretty? And I have just the place to put it!

6. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

I must hate myself. We had gift cards to use at Barnes and Noble and so Wednesday, Nathan and I went and stocked up on Skippyjon Jones books, Mickey Mouse counting books and this one. I seriously love this book but I have to tell you, I BAWLED while reading it and about suffocated Nathan from how tightly I was hugging him afterward.

And now, I'm off to Magic Erase the spaghetti remnants off my kitchen walls and vacuum the house before my in-laws get here. What are your Friday Favorites?

Have a great weekend!
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