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Apology and Friday Favorites

Guys, I have to apologize.

While I am in this cycle of waiting, while I do get sad and sometimes struggle with disappointment, I never, ever want to complain.

And I feel like yesterday's post definitely had some whining in there.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. And I woke up this morning with this horrible burden of how much I complain to God when others around me are suffering so deeply.

Hear me out on this - I'm not saying at all that we can't take our requests and wants and prayers and pain to God. He created me with this desire for a house full of kids! I know He can handle my disappointment and tears. But I do not want to become a woman who is so focused on what she doesn't have that she misses all the amazing blessings around her.

So, please accept my apology. I'm still working on and praying for a heart that is more and more like His. God has blessed me tremendously. May I never take that for granted!!

On to Friday Favorites.

1. Explora Museum

Yesterday, Nathan and I met our good friends at Explora, a science museum here in town, and had the best time. The museum is probably aimed more for grade school kids, but there was enough that he could do that he had a blast. He got to make giant bubbles:

And he loved holding a walking stick bug (blegh. He is so his daddy's boy. You should have seen how excited he was to hold it!):

2. My Fair Wedding with David Tutera

Mom first told me about this show and it is SO much fun to watch! Basically, this guy comes in when these girls have three weeks before their wedding and completely changes everything and the girls don't get to see it until their wedding day. He seriously creates the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. Best part? It's on Netflix Instant so zero commercials and I can watch as many in a row as I can. ;)

3. Zip Up Hoodie Jackets

Source: polyvore.com via Erynn on Pinterest

I'm in the market for a new jacket seeing as how every one I've got I've had for about six years. I realized that this week since we're now out of coat weather and back into jacket weather and all of my jackets have either A) shrunk lengthwise in the dryer, B) are threadbare or C) are coming apart at the seams. Anyone have a favorite zip up hoodie they want to recommend? I thought this one was cute.

4. Cookie Dough Bites

Source: family.go.com via Erynn on Pinterest

I'm pretty sure I don't need to say more. Except I will say, you can make these in like 10 minutes from start to finish and they taste amazing and I like to pretend that they only have .05 calories in each delicious bite.

Have a great weekend!
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