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And it's February

I forgot to post this picture of Nathan and Pops this weekend - one of his absolute FAVORITE things to do is "help" Pops around their house. Last weekend, he got to help rake and pick up leaves. I think it was the highlight of his whole week. :)

We have had a bit of a change in plans this week - yesterday right before we were planning on going on a little family bike ride, Nathan woke up from his nap with a 101.9 degree fever. He'd been a little fussy yesterday but I'd just chalked it up to teething (he's cutting three of them right now). Poor kid. :( He woke up this morning with another fever so we canceled all plans and stayed home in our jammies.

It was kind of nice to have an excuse to lounge around. I introduced Nathan to the joy of being home and sick - he got to lay on the couch with his paci (that is normally banned to his crib) and blanket and watch Beauty and the Beast (okay, okay. There was a good chance that I watched it too).

Once the Tylenol kicked in, he decided a better spot to watch the movie was on the foot of his slide. And then he helped me clean his tub, vacuum the house and do the laundry.

I am recording this information so that one day when he's laying on the couch with a cold, moaning like he's about to die, I can point back to this post and remind him about how helpful he was when he was 18 months old and sick.

I doubt it will do anything. But you never know.

One thing with this sickness stuff that is a little concerning to me is that he hasn't eaten very well the last two days. I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't feel good or if his gums are hurting. Either way, if he doesn't start eating again normally tomorrow, I might take him in to the doctor. Nathan has always been a champion eater so it scares me when he just picks at his food.

And now, he's down for a nap, I've got soup for dinner in the Crock Pot and I'm about to go make myself an iced coffee - time to get to work on this deadline!

By the way, I've been asked a few times how I make my iced coffee. I do it the easy way - I just brew a pot of decaf coffee, pour it into a pitcher, stir in some sugar while it's still hot and stick it in the fridge. Then I just add milk and ice when I'm ready for a glass. I'm sure there are way better ways of making it more gourmet - like this one - but for my purposes (un-gourmet and no patience to wait an entire day), it works for me. :) But I welcome any and all ideas and recipes on how to make it or other tasty drinks!

Still praying for you guys!

Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations, You established the earth and it stands. - Psalm 119:90
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