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Hi, my name is Erynn and I'm a Pinner

Things have been rather slow this week what with the colds and the deadline and the trying-to-eat-yogurt-for-breakfast and all, so I thought today, I would take the easy route and show you all a few of the things I've found on Pinterest lately that caught my attention.

Yes. I have become that blogger I've always had a mix of pity and sadness for.

And yes. I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Editor friends, I apologize, it was uncalled for.

Again. Apologies.

Source: bhg.com via Christina on Pinterest

I think this is genius and should I ever have a little blue room that is in need of not one but two desks, I will have to create this.

Source: heidihope.com via Erynn on Pinterest

Possibly the CUTEST picture of a baby girl I've ever seen. If we ever have a girl, she is going to sit in a suitcase in a tutu and pearls whether she likes it or not. ;)

Source: aimee-weaver.blogspot.com via Erynn on Pinterest

For some reason, I've been very into things written on wood lately. This verse is a favorite and I think it looks just beautiful written that way.

Source: twotinykitchens.com via Erynn on Pinterest

I have seriously made these chocolate covered, peanut butter stuffed bites of heavenliness about three times in the last three weeks. It's motivation to get up and work out. And only eat yogurt for breakfast.

And just because I thought it was funny:

Source: thingsmusicalstaughtme.tumblr.com via Emilia on Pinterest

Wise lesson to take to heart, my sweet, young, single friends. ;)

Are any of you on Pinterest? Addicting, is it not??
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