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And we wonder that I worry

We had a nice weekend. Friday night, we loaded the family up complete with a coupon and headed to Golden Corral.

Yep. Because we are THAT glamorous. Envy us.

Nathan enjoyed it though. Particularly this part:

I am a terrible mother. But, may I just say that Nathan has been stuck at 25 pounds for the past four months? He eats more than I do, most of the time. So, I have visions of a) Nathan having to face backwards in his carseat until he's eleven because he'll never pass the 30-pound mark and, b) Nathan as a 15 year-old who is hungry all. the. time and thin as a rail while he eats us out of house and home. So, I figured the extra calories weren't THAT bad.

Um. Same thing goes for the cupcake. ;)

The rest of the weekend was filled with friend activities. Saturday, Nathan and I went on a long walk and a picnic with Leigh Ann and Hayley and then Sunday we had a joint birthday party for me and Jamie. LOTS of fun. And we still have LOTS of desserts over here.

I'm excited for my taste-buds and scared for my waistline.

I made the Pioneer Woman's Mocha Brownies and oh. boy.

You can understand my concern for my waistline now.

And Nathan learned a new trick.

Pardon the poor video quality. Sometimes we just grab what's closest and it usually ends up being the phone. He has now given me, Jon, Gammy, his Mickey Mouse cup and doll, Kody, my leg and almost everything that stands still long enough an Eskimo kiss.

It's cute until there's snot dripping out of his nose. ;)
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