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And time goes by

I am finally getting the chance to catch up on here! My grandmother was in town for a week, which was WONDERFUL and I soaked up every second I could with her. And then my great-aunt and great-uncle came in town for a couple of days and left this morning. I loved seeing them again!

So much fun! Nathan has become quite spoiled being the complete and only center of attention. It might be a rough wake-up next week. ;)

Today was really the first day we have had at home in almost three weeks. So, we've been doing odds and ends, grocery shopping, cooking again for the first time since Christmas (thanks for feeding us the last few weeks, Mom and Dad!), and playing with our new Christmas toys. ;)

I have a MILLION pictures of this, but Jon got one of those little kid seats for in front of his bike for his birthday and we finally had a chance to try it this Christmas break. Nathan LOVED it!! He kept saying, "More!" and "Wide?" for ride. Too cute.

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and it was SO fun to finally get it out and play around this afternoon during Nathan's nap. This is a terrible picture but I finally learned how to applique! It might be a little addicting. ;)

And I've got a question for you: Jon and I have a Groupon thing for a movie and we haven't been to the theater in MONTHS. Is there anything good out? Any movies you would recommend?? I was thinking New Year's Eve looked cute!
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