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Our Week

This week has been busy but busy in the sense that we did a lot but I don't really remember what all we did. Ha! :)

Mostly, we've been getting ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas with the O'Brien side. I've been trying to think of different ways to keep Nathan occupied on the airplane this time, seeing as how the last time was SO HORRENDOUS. If anyone has any tips, please, I'm begging you!

Wednesday, we met our friend Jamie and her kids, Joel and Julia, at the zoo. So much fun! We were about the only people there, so Nathan got to get out and walk around instead of having to stay in the stroller. He had a blast with his cute little friends. :)

Thursday, Nathan was crying and whining and just generally acting not his normal, happy-go-lucky self. So, I got him all ready for an early nap and then realized his forehead was burning up. He was running a 102.5 fever! I gave him Tylenol and checked on him throughout the nap. He had a rough rest of the afternoon and night. By yesterday morning, though, he was fine. I'm pretty sure it was teething. He's cutting some back teeth and those have just been a doozy.

Poor baby. :(

So, this morning, since he was all back to normal, we decided to have a little family breakfast at Krispy Kreme. Nathan's first Krispy Kreme doughnut!!

I think he was a fan.

Then he drank some orange juice and made a face from the sourness. We laughed so hard so then he kept doing it the rest of breakfast. Ha!

Such a silly! It's nice to have my goofy boy back. :)

What have you guys been up to?
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