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Our Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful time in California with Jon's side of the family for Thanksgiving! And - MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES - Nathan was a complete ANGEL on the plane on the way out there (the way home was not quite as good, but hey, I'll take what I can get!). We took Band-Aids, stickers, little grow-your-own-zoo-animal sponges, coloring books, disgusting sticky frogs among other things. I had an entire bag packed just with plane toys.

We flew out there Tuesday night after Jon got off work and spent the night in Los Angeles at a hotel - which was the perfect thing to do. Jon's parents live two hours away from the airport and we landed at Nathan's bedtime. He was starting to become quite the grouch by the time we got off the shuttle at the hotel. A bath seemed to help.

He did discover that night, though, that he can now unlock my phone and take pictures. A few of the best ones I found later on my phone:

Jon's parents picked us up Wednesday morning and we spent the rest of the day making pies, playing with cousins, visiting with family and discovering a whole house filled with new toys. Ha! :)

Thanksgiving Day was so much fun - and there was SO MUCH going on! Nathan ended up taking an early nap and then was able to join us for our late lunch feast. Then we spent the rest of the day eating pie, playing games and visiting.

Since we spent Thanksgiving with Jon's family, we will be spending Christmas at home, so we went ahead and did our little Christmas gift exchange Friday night. The kids went crazy. It was so fun!

We got home yesterday. Tired and a lot heavier! Ha! I am so blessed to have a wonderful inlaw family!

Today, we put up Christmas decorations (YAY!) and then went to go see Gammy and Pops for a little bit. It's also a certain husband of mine's birthday coming up on Wednesday, so we celebrated in California, we celebrated today and we'll celebrate again this week. GOODNESS. :)

What did you do for Thanksgiving??
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