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Both Nathan and I are sick today. He's been fighting some bug since Thanksgiving and I think I caught something while out in California too.

So, we've been spending a lot of time in our jammies watching Christmas movies and drinking orange juice.

Today, though, he was just being a little spitfire and I decided we needed some sort of activity to make it to nap time. Ha! I'd seen these salt dough handprint ornaments on Pinterest and thought they were just adorable, so we mixed up a small batch today. Pardon the DISASTER my kitchen is in - I finally had a few minutes to clean up while he was eating lunch.

I cut the recipe down quite a bit, but this is what I came up with and it seemed to work great! We had a TON of dough leftover, so we made a few extra ornaments. Nathan was very excited to "help" me. :)

Salt Dough Ornaments:
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
Water (I think I probably added a little over 1/3 cup - I just added until the consistency was right)

Knead for a few minutes and then roll out on a floured surface. Cut out ornaments, then bake at 300 degrees for 20ish minutes.

He had SO much fun! All I need to do now is go get some sealer so I can paint it and hang it up!

He's at such a fun/exhausting age right now! A few things I want to remember:

* He has had a language EXPLOSION lately! He can say "Mommy" and "Dad" very well. He calls his paci his "Baba". Kody's new name is "Dodo", but occasionally he'll call him "Dody". His favorite word is "FUT-BAWL!" and he yells it at the top of his lungs. He tries to say everything, he just doesn't always quite get it right. ;)

* I couldn't find what I was looking for at a store one day so we left and I said, "Well, bummer kid." He looked at me, grinned and said, "Bum-mer."

* His new favorite thing to do is "houlp" (help). He wants to do whatever we are doing, whether that's dishes or writing. My laptop has taken a beating lately.

Hope you all are staying well and warm!
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