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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We have had a fun, busy weekend!! I saw this idea on Pinterest a little while ago - glow sticks in the bathtub! Nathan was a fan. :)

I have been trying to find everything I can to keep Nathan preoccupied on the plane during our holiday vacation this year! So, we had to run by the dollar section at Target. I think we found a good assortment of stuff - we came back with a bag full!

We had a great weekend! Friday night, my parents watched Nathan for us overnight. It was the first night I'd ever spent away from him and as weird as it was, it was SO nice. Thank you, Mom and Dad!! We ate dinner on the patio, we watched a late movie, we slept in and went out to a late breakfast. It was a perfect day. :)

We set up an air mattress in the living room to watch a movie on this weekend and I SO need to remember this on days when it's too cold to play outside. He went ballistic on the mattress! Rolling, jumping, doing somersaults - ha! It was SO funny to watch!

Y'all know that I tend to be a little nuts about Christmas. So, of course we had to go ahead and pull out a few of the decorations this past weekend - especially since we'll be with family over Thanksgiving and not able to do our normal Saturday-after-Thanksgiving setup.

I think my favorite part of this picture is the strip of tape on his shoulder. Ha! Setting up the tree was an adventure this year!

Someone found the box for the tree more interesting than the actual setting up. :)

The finished product!

SO SO SO excited that it is this time of year!! Bring on the snow, the hot chocolate, the Christmas carols and the excitement! :)

What are your favorite Christmas movies/music??
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