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Nathan woke up yesterday with a runny, snot-crusted red nose. :( He doesn't get sick very often - something I'm SO thankful for! - so it always catches us a little off guard. We stayed home all day yesterday and I filled him to the brim with orange juice, squirted him up with saline, suctioned him out with the nasty nose sucker thing (his absolute favorite thing in the whole world - NOT. Not that I can blame him) and wiped him down with Boogie Wipes.

Honestly, I might have bought those just because I think the name is cute.

So, he got to sit in his chair and watch the Cedarmont Kids and then he sat in my lap and we watched Larry Boy and then by the afternoon, he decided he was well enough to try and kiss my face and run through the house waiting to get tickled.

I think he's feeling better today. :)

Any wise words of advice for how to help a sick kid get completely well and stay well through the sick season?
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