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Friday Favorites

We'll see how long I actually stick with this, but I'd like to have a list of what my current favorites are - maybe not every week, but every so often.

And here we go!

1. Homemade Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

This tiny corner was all that was left for my breakfast - and the picture. :) If there was anything I was going to stockpile, it would be canned pumpkin and chocolate chips so I would never have to be without this bread. I zap it in the microwave for about 20 seconds before eating it the next day and oh. the. goodness. Fall in bread form.

2. Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Because I am as good at ironing as I am at square dancing. And we've already gone over what happens when I am around objects of great heat.

3. Tazo Decaf Chai

Hands down the best Chai tea bags in the world. And I appreciate the decaf because then I can drink it late at night. And I just realized I sounded exactly like the "old people" at our community groups who always complained about the caffeinated coffee late at night.

Oh my.

4. Mossimo Juniors Jeans

Can I get an Amen for cheap juniors' jeans that actually have the option for long length?

5. Mrs. Mays Fruit Chips

Delicious, easy to carry with me and healthy for Nathan. Check, check, check.

And now it's your turn! What are your favorites this week??

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