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Fiesta Time! :)

Every year, our city has a Balloon Fiesta in October and I've been going for probably 20 years. I absolutely, positively LOVE it!!

Last year was Nathan's first time to the Fiesta and he was SO tiny that I'm not sure he got too much out of it. Ha! :) This year was SO fun! He loved the balloons and he loved the music.

We went the first weekend with Clint and Leigh Ann - such a great time!! The only bummer about the Fiesta is you have to get up WAY early in the morning - this picture was taken before 6AM!

My favorite thing to get at the Fiesta - the mini cinnamon rolls in a cone!! Nathan was a big fan. :)

It was such a beautiful morning for hot air balloons!!

Me and my dear, dear friend!!

Then, Jon's parents - Nonnie and Papa O - came in town and we spent this last weekend wearing them out. Ha! :) We redecorated my guest bath, we went to the Aquarium, we went to the Fiesta twice... I think we are ALL needing a little bit of rest now!

I burned my fingers really badly on a glue gun while redecorating my bathroom (I'll show the finished product soon - the bathroom, not my fingers). I should not be allowed to own anything hot or sharp to the touch. The only band-aids in the house were Toy Story and Cars, so Nathan decided that he needed a sympathy bandage.

Nathan got spoiled rotten by his Nonnie - lots of new toys, plus she took us all to Chick-Fil-A and we've already established that is Nathan's favoritest place in the world. :) She also got some fun bathtub crayons for him. Jon had a little too much fun with those:

Nonnie and Nathan outside the aquarium:

Mother, Son and Grandson by the fish! Nathan goes crazy in the aquarium - especially now that he can walk. Thank goodness it's a fairly small area!!

We went to a Balloon Glow with Nonnie and Papa O. The Glows happen at night instead of early morning, which is MUCH easier to take Nathan to! We had a blast - Nathan was totally in awe of those balloons! There was a band performing when we first got there and Nathan just danced and danced - he put on a real show. It was hilarious!

Touching one of the balloons with Dad:

You can't really see the balloon because it got dark quick, but it's a baby bee!! When Jon and I were dating and first married, our favorite balloons were these two bees - one guy and one girl. They always lift off holding hands and then turn midair and kiss. It's adorable! The year we found out we were pregnant with Nathan, they introduced this little baby bee! So, we always have to get Nathan's picture in front of it:

Watching the fireworks! Nathan did great! He sat very still through most of the 30 minute display. :)

Before they left, we took Nonnie and Papa O to the Pumpkin Patch to get some grandparent pictures with them. We had such a great visit! I'm so thankful that Nathan has two sets of such amazing grandparents - he is blessed way beyond what he even knows.

I cannot believe that this was already a year ago!!

What happened???

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