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Disney World!

This last week, my mom, sister, me and Nathan all went to Disney World for a little girls-plus-Nathan trip.


We park hopped, we rode whatever ride we wanted to that day, we took Nathan on a few rides that he absolutely adored and we celebrated a little ahead of time for Mom's 50th birthday.

I love this picture of my mom and sister in Animal Kingdom!! :) We had such great girl time while we were there! We'd put Nathan down and then just whisper for the next little bit. It was SO needed. :)

Nathan loved it. Absolutely, positively LOVED Disney World! He danced and laughed and yelled and sang. His favorite rides were the carousel, the Mexican Small World (in Epcot. Ha!!) and he loved the Festival of the Lion King show in Animal Kingdom - loved it so much that I felt bad for the people sitting around us. My boy can be a little bit animated. ;)

He also learned a few new things while we were out there. You can now ask him what a cow, lion, duck or sheep says and he'll respond with the sound they make. :) It's REALLY cute.

Have to confess though, that I do not ever want to fly on a plane with him again! It's a little over a three and a half hour flight one way and he screamed and cried and threw a fit for at least two hours (the first flight was more) both going and coming home. I felt SO bad. I did everything I could think of to get him to be quiet and nothing worked. :( There were definitely points on both flights were I wanted to just burst into tears too. I hate having people get frustrated with me or Nathan. It's hard to not know what to do to make your child behave.

The good news is, he slept GREAT while we were there which was a big concern of mine since we were all in the same hotel room! Huge prayers of thanks were said! And he was very well-behaved in the parks - fits were few and naps were taken. Yay!

All in all, we had a great trip! We came home exhausted from all the fun and Nathan is just now back on this time zone, which is why it's taken me so long to catch up on here! :)

Thanks so much for the fabulous trip, Cayce and Mom!!

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