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Birthday Weekend

Yesterday, Mom turned 50, so of course, we had to make a big celebration of it!

Bryant flew back in town from Austin and brought a friend of his, Nick. We had so much fun hanging out with them!

We went out to eat at one of our favorite Mexican food places on Friday night for her birthday and Jon got in major trouble for telling the restaurant manager that it was her birthday. The mariachi band came over and played "Happy Birthday" and then all the waiters and waitresses came over and sang again. Ha!

One side of the table! Nick, Bryant, Caleb and Caleb's girlfriend, Ali.

Mom and Cayce! :)

Nathan loved it there. He danced and danced to the music! I thought he looked adorable all dressed up for dinner. :)

We ended up being there for two hours, so he definitely did not make it the whole time in his high chair. Pops was very sweet to walk around the restaurant with him and watch the mariachi band play. I think this picture is hilarious - they both have the same expression!

Afterward, we went back to my parents' house and put Nathan in bed. Then Mom opened her presents and we played games until WAY too late. We also tried something new this weekend: S'macons! S'mores with bacon! :)

Such a great weekend! I'm SO blessed to have such a wonderful mother. She is someone I want to be more like and one of my best friends. I think I love her even more now that I have my own baby - being a mom has given me a whole new set of eyes when it comes to my mom. What an incredible blessing she is! I love you so much, Mom!

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