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Pinning and Forts

Well. It happened. I finally joined Pinterest.

Considering how little free time I have had lately, I doubt I'm on it very often, but it is SO cool to see all the neat ideas everyone has! And, since I've been in the process of decorating my living room for the past almost three years, I figure maybe now I'll actually decorate it instead of just coming up with ideas that never pan out.

Yesterday, after Nathan woke up from his nap, he decided he wanted to watch a "movie" (meaning the Cedarmont Kids) while he ate his snack. So, he got to sit in his new little chair with his apple slices.

I thought he looked so grownup. :( Then he noticed I was taking pictures and gave me this face:


When Jon got home, he and Nathan built a fort together. The first fort in the O'Brien house! Nathan LOVED it. I have SO many memories of building forts when I was a little kid, so I love that Nathan will most likely be doing the same thing. ;)

Did you ever build a fort with your parents' pillows and blankets?
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