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Our Backyard Looks Like a Chia Pet

Which is AWESOME.


I confess, I have all these visions of chasing Nathan across our green lawn, tackling him onto the cool, thick grass and then watching him play out there while I get some writing done.


This past week, Nathan, Gammy and I went to visit our friends in Colorado Springs. We had a great - but fast - trip! We left Monday morning, got there that afternoon and then spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning before coming back. Very quick!

The boys had a great time. I think Noah appreciates Nathan a lot more now that he can walk and go see cool things like trains with him. Someone still has yet to find a replacement lens, so pardon the iPhone pics.

Buddies. Nathan found a rock, so of course we had to bring it back with us because who can measure the worth of a gray rock?

On the way home, we stopped at Subway for lunch and Nathan got to eat a sandwich by himself - usually I'll cut it or tear it up unless it's grilled cheese, but I figured, he could try it. His expression was perfect:

Yesterday was spent cleaning out closets - my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world to do. Not. But, we had to make some room because 1) Nathan no longer fits into any of his 6-9 month wardrobe (cue the tears as I looked through some of my MOST favorite outfits for him), and 2) He hasn't been able to fit in those for about six months. So, it was definitely time to pack away clothes. Plus, we went to one of those consignment kids sales today and Nathan MADE OUT.

I found toys I'm going to save as Christmas gifts for him and enough clothes to get him to spring. Yay! Gammy went with us and she found some adorable things too. So fun!

Apparently, too much fun. This is what I found when I opened the back door when we got back home today:

It's such hard work being one. ;)

Y'all have a great weekend!! Any fun plans??
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