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Manual Labor Day

I will tell you this: I am ready for our landscaping project to be done.

But, as of yesterday, here's what our yard looked like:

Ugh. I told Jon this morning that I really needed a butler, because there was no way I was going to be able to get out of bed. I am SO sore from helping dig those trenches. And I only worked the 2.5 hours every day while Nathan slept! I can't imagine how Jon and my dad feel today after working for three days straight on the yard.

Since we can't really go outside, Nathan and I have been trying to stay busy inside. I pulled out a coloring book for him the other day and he really liked it for about three minutes.

Then, he had more fun running with the book behind the couch and taking all the crayons one by one back there.

A little artifically colored wax never hurt anyone. Though, I was telling him "No, Nathan!! We don't eat crayons!" the entire time I was taking these pictures.

I'm a terrible mother.

The aftermath:

Coloring may not be an everyday activity for awhile yet. ;) Eventually, we gave up on the coloring and Nathan defaulted to his favorite game - tickle monster! And we worked on his "cheese" face:

We watched his friend Hayley on Friday night while Clint and Leigh Ann went to a wedding. We had so much fun with her! And Nathan had lots of fun grabbing her paci and running for it. Are we seeing a trend here now that he can run? ;)

Saturday, Clint came over to help Jon on the yard and then they went to a football game. It's the start of football season! Which means... it's officially FALL!! I am SO ready for some cooler weather! Afterward, we met my family for a late dinner at Chili's since they were having a couple of Labor Day Weekend specials. And the last thing any of us wanted to do after working in the yard all day was cook. ;)

Someone, though, is loving all this yard construction:

"Guys!! Hey, guys!! I got the hammer, guys!"

We came home from church on Sunday and immediately got to work, then we celebrated my dad's birthday that night. I am SO blessed to have such a wonderful Dad! It's so fun to see him as a grandpa too - he and Nathan have so much fun together. I just love watching it.

And then yesterday, we celebrated Labor Day by doing more of it. I told Jon that we can't move from our house for ten years - not with how much work we've put into this yard! Ha! We are so close - Jon and Dad got the sprinklers installed yesterday, so all we need to do now is add our top soil and then seed it and we are DONE. All we'll have to do after that is sit on our porch and watch our grass grow.

Nathan, however, might be bummed that there won't be huge trenches throughout his yard anymore...

And our little master artist got the gist of coloring - just not the proper place to do it. Look what I found last night as I was going to bed:

Seems like someone got a hold of my eyeliner pencil and had some fun on my bathroom drawer. He is such a mess!!
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