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Last Weekend and One Nap

We finally finished the yard!! YAY!! We finished it Saturday and spent a MUCH NEEDED day of rest on Sunday. Such relief here! Now just praying for our grass to grow! So thankful for all the hard work Jon and my dad did!

The "helper":

This last week, Nathan has only been taking one nap a day, which means that by 5 or 5:30 at night, he is the biggest crabby-head in the whole world. He cries and whines and follows me around whimpering with big huge tears rolling down his face. And the fits! Oh my, the fits...

Poor kid. He is not taking the transition to one nap well. Neither, I might add, is his mother. ;) Look at this sad face:

And, speaking of big huge tears, Nathan found my camera on some of our lawn furniture and decided to throw it on the patio and broke my lens. :( It was my own fault for leaving it within his ever-expanding reach. I'm so bummed. I need to take it in to see if I can get someone to fix it. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to take pictures of my grouchy child with Photo Booth. Poor baby. He went down pretty early tonight for bed - praying that he'll sleep very well and we'll both wake up ready for a cheerful day tomorrow!

Has anyone ever broken a detachable lens camera? And ballpark - how much did it cost you to fix it?
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