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Winner and Watermelons

I'm SO glad that all of you are so excited for Sketchy Behavior!! I can't wait to hear what you think of it! The winner of the autographed copy of Sketchy Behavior is...

It's Alyssa C! Yay! Send me your address and who you'd like it autographed to to erynnmangum@gmail.com and I'll get that out to you ASAP! And if you didn't win, remember you can buy an autographed copy from my bookstore!

Last night, Nathan got to eat his first whole piece of watermelon at my parents' house. We've given him diced chunks before, but never a whole slice.

Think he liked it? :) The red mark on his forehead is from a bug bite - poor baby has gotten a few of them this summer. He's just too sweet, I guess! Jon has been off this whole last week, so we've been really enjoying having Daddy home. I think two people are going to miss him very much when he goes back to work now that school is about to start up again.

Nathan has adjusted to not nursing very well. Tonight, he even went to sleep without crying at ALL. Wow! God is very good!
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