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Sunny California!

This last week, Jon, Nathan and I hit the road (or the sky, as it were) for California! Jon's whole family lives out there and we finally got to reconnect with everyone - we haven't been able to see his brothers and their families since Christmas.

Nathan had a great time playing with his cousins, Josh and Lily! And we had a fabulous time catching up with everyone!

Our first morning there, Nonnie gave Nathan his first haircut. :( He's so big! He wasn't super fond of it, but I think he did great!

Both sets of Jon's grandparents live in the area, so we spent one day with each side of the family. TOO fun. By Monday, both of Jon's brothers had left, so we went to a little lake where Nathan got to feed the ducks and the geese. He was SO excited about those ducks!!

And the park was beautiful, so we had to get a few pictures of the bean. :)

He LOVED the ducks, but I don't think he quite got the concept of feeding them:

Ha! I think Nathan ate more bread than some of the ducks did!

Family is such a blessing.

What have you been doing these last few weeks of summer?

P.S. And - quick reminder - Miss Match is FREE on Kindle this week!! Yay!! :)
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