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When Jon and I got married, his sweet uncle offered to videotape our wedding for us and put it on a DVD. Well, right after our wedding, he ended up changing jobs and starting at a very high stress workplace where he barely had any time off at all.

Long story to say that we - to our surprise - just got our wedding DVD in the mail last week. Ha! I had almost forgotten all about it, so it was SUCH a fun thing to find in the mail!

And of course, we had to watch it that very night after the Nater Tot went to sleep. :)

It was SO fun to remember things I'd stressed over that now seemed totally pointless to worry about (example - the unity candle? the order of the service? the music? the decor? etc. :) ). I think both of us were so overwhelmed that day that we totally spaced through most of our wedding - so it was nice to actually HEAR our vows. Ha! :)

I grinned like a Cheshire cat through the whole entire thing while Jon just looked very serious. I think he knew what he was getting into while I was blissfully ignorant. ;)

Funny how things have changed since then!

We got to have a long-anticipated date night on Saturday and went to one of our favorite places - California Pizza Kitchen. Oh, the tiramisu... I love it so!!

Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow! I have an interview on one of our local TV stations here - pray that I will be a light for Christ and that I won't be a big bundle of nerves!! Thanks so much, guys! :)
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