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The Last of Summer

Today started Jon's first day back at work, so Monday and Tuesday were spent running last minute errands, playing with Daddy and soaking up a few extra mornings of taking turns sleeping in.

Nathan got to experience part of the fun of being a "big boy" this past week - dipping food into ranch dressing (or really, any kind of dip - ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, yogurt...). He has now decided that he can't eat anything unless it's dipped. ;)

Since Jon has been off this last week, we did a little bit of rearranging. I was going crazy having all of Nathan's toys in the living room all the time. So we moved the toys to the office and moved our desk to our bedroom. It makes our bedroom cramped, but at least we have a clean living area!

So, I've been wanting a way of storing a few of Nathan's toys that he plays with a lot in the living room without it causing a HUGE mess. I found these little storage ottomans from Target. I think they are so cute. We had them home all of about three minutes, though, before this happened:

He climbed in and out for over an hour and half. He'd climb in, sit inside, read a book or play with the remote and then climb back out. Put the lid on, take the lid off and start all over. :)

And can you tell he found a new hat he loves? ;)

Less than a week until Sketchy Behavior releases!! Cannot, cannot wait! :) Don't forget that you can order an autographed copy in my bookstore! And if you're looking for a quick, fun read before then, Fish and Chips is available for Kindle!
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