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Busy Day

Thank you for your prayers! The interview went okay, I think. ;) I'll be sure to post a link after it airs on September 8th!

After the interview yesterday, Nathan and I hung out and maybe went to go get Icees at Target. And we maybe tried on ADORABLE boots but I just couldn't bring myself to buy them because a) they had like a 3-inch heel and while I love towering above the majority of mankind in my short, short state, I just didn't know if I could handle THAT much love and b) I can talk myself out of almost anything.

Then, last night, we had a Lunch Bunch girls night and you guys - I had the BEST time. We talked and ate delicious queso and laughed until we cried and never once did we have to stop and cut someone's food or change a diaper. So much fun and so needed!! God has blessed me with a wonderful, wonderful group of friends!

Today, we took a walk with my sweet neighbor and her two boys this morning, then came home and took Attempted Nap #1. Which ended with a resounding failure and resulted in Nathan pulling my entire bedroom apart while I took a 2.77 second shower so we could go meet Jon for lunch at school.

Nathan LOVED school. He hasn't been to Jon's work since the school year started up again, which means he hasn't been there when he could walk around. He quickly discovered that the empty hallways provided excellent acoustics for his yodeling. :)

Every single picture I had of him at school is blurred from his constant motion - he's very quiet and subdued, this one.

We came home after lunch and did Attempted Nap #2, which went better than #1 in that he actually went to sleep, but not nearly as good as normal since he only slept an hour.

Oh the short nap. I love it like I love half-eaten moldy fruit on my counter, mysterious stains that randomly appear in the middle of my carpet and smallpox.

So, we ran to the grocery store and now we're going to try and keep morale high and play with his toys while we wait for Daddy to come home. It's been a busy but good day. :)
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